The breakfast in one B&B: how to serve and prepare breakfast for guests

The breakfast in one B&B: how to serve and prepare breakfast for guests

Ezekiel February 23, 2020

In recent years traveling and traveling for work or pleasure has become much simpler and much more varied. A customer today not only chooses the comfort of a hotel, but lets himself be guided by what are hospitality experiences.

The bed and breakfasts are unique structures, often with a story to tell, that more and more tourists choose as an alternative to hotels or pensions to stay. The greater freedom in the hours, the informal environment and the feeling of feeling ‘at home’ make the b & b one of the most welcoming solutions for visiting new countries and new cities.

Do you know the strength of a bed and breakfast beyond location and cleanliness? Breakfast!

The main rule for those who need breakfast in the bed and breakfast is that it is always of quality!

Breakfast B&B: tips for a welcoming atmosphere and an impeccable buffet

There are several aspects that you need to take into consideration to create an excellent breakfast for the b & b.

To break the heart of your customers and make you remember (as well as to receive a good review!) Prepare breakfast b & b with genuine and homemade products: cakes, pies, biscuits and fresh bread. To offer tourists a unique experience, bring the typical products of your area to the breakfast buffet: sweets, honey and jams but also fresh fruit.

Also remember to get gluten free or lactose free food for intolerant or allergic people.

Take advantage of this moment to bring customers together, let them tell you what they love about your structure and what might need to be improved. Make yourself available in providing information on places to visit and the area where your bed and breakfast is located.

Dialogue with guests is an indispensable moment and is the basis of hospitality. A customer who feels comfortable and well received is a customer who will choose your facility even a second time.

Making a comfortable and pleasant breakfast early in the morning, the secret is to instill an extraordinary sense of intimacy and warmth.

B&B tables: how to arrange them and how to lay them for breakfast

Furnished the breakfast room of your b & b with taste and refinement. Arrange the right spaces between the various tables, tables and any console where to prepare the buffet breakfast.

Make the most of the corners, shelves and furnishings for a perfect welcome.

Be creative, embellish the mise en place with elegant placeholders, perhaps folding napkins!

On the tables you have breakfast plates, cutlery and the inevitable napkin ring. Depending on the space on the table, add a few simple details (a flower, a candle, a special bottle for water) to turn breakfast time into a b & b experience to be savored in all senses!

This room must reflect the warmth and heart of your bed and breakfast. Make it warm, cozy and familiar perhaps with a rustic and country chic touch that fits perfectly with steel cutlery, white ceramic plates and the EFAY melamine buffet line.

What is melamine? For an in-depth look at this perfect material for the catering sector, we refer you to our article 4 things you need to know about melamine plates and dishes.

Ideas for breakfast b & b and single-dose products for b & b that should not be missed

Single-portion jams, single-dose butter, dispensers, trays, bowls and bowls. The world of breakfast is full of mouth-watering proposals to serve in the most practical and hygienic way, without forgetting the aesthetic presentation.

Choose which type of breakfast to offer guests b & b: from Italian to continental or Anglo-Saxon, the sweet and / or savory buffet, passing through the healthy offer with seasonal and organic ingredients.

Everything is studied and dedicated to the individual customer, even the quantities.

For a touch of glamor at breakfast b & b why not take advantage of a bar trolley?

The bar trolley, as well as being a decorative design element, is very convenient for positioning plates and bowls in ceramic or melamine, cutlery and napkins, cups and cups, teapots and glass cups.

Consider placing a very comfortable bar trolley for the buffet breakfast in the room and allowing your guests to get breakfast supplies.

Accessories and products for breakfast b & b

Coffee, tea or juice? Don’t miss anything.

Prepare the coffee and put it in a thermal carafe, but it is much more effective to serve the coffee with the mocha when guests sit down to have breakfast. In this way you will be able to adjust how much coffee to prepare.

Tea should be served with elegant and refined glass teapots. Make available to the guests, in the special tea corner, one or more hot water kettles, teapots and your selection of teas and herbal teas. Fans of this ritual will be more than happy to have the opportunity to prepare tea as they wish.

Don’t forget about the savory breakfast. To accompany toasts, sandwiches or eggs, juices or juices are always ideal. Prepare the juices in jugs and pitchers with ergonomic lines and with handles for a perfect grip. Jugs with simple and essential shapes can be of different materials.

Biscuits and cakes for the breakfast buffet. You can serve cakes and pies on the back of the table or on trays and cake tins with or without a dome.

A tip: transfer the freshly baked cookies into the biscuit tin or cover them with the dome only once they have cooled to prevent condensation from forming which will alter its taste and consistency.

Breakfast time b & b: define a specific time to serve breakfast

Serve breakfast at the b & b in the morning of course, but define a specific time slot so that customers can regulate themselves.

Every bed and breakfast manager chooses the time they prefer to serve breakfast. The time slot is normally one and a half hours – two and is between 7.00 and 11.00.

Remember to always communicate to your guests the breakfast time. To avoid misunderstanding, you can print the rules of the structure and place it visible in the rooms.